Social Media, Mental Health & a Review

Social Media. Everyone’s involved. Even the earlier generation (parents, sometimes grandparents..) is joining in. Its now our mainstream news. Its advertisement. Its where we get advise, where we get support and where connections are made. What worries me, is the mental health issues associated with it. You can see hints of anxiety, depression, stress and … More Social Media, Mental Health & a Review

dUCk & Aere event

I was super excited when dUCk was coming to London. I am not kidding. My heart leapt! I am not going to lie, I had this love- hate relationship with this brand. Hate because I simply could not understand high end products. But now I do! I really do. Especially since I have tipped my … More dUCk & Aere event

Cover Girl by Deen Squad

I am so happy to be part of this project. I mean its just one millisecond, but it was fun! Can you spot anyone else? Song Cover Girl by Deen Squad a hip hop group from Canada. Support the hijab cause.  Deen squad facebook & instagram.  Great initiative Deen Squad!

#LMFW Video

Finally! I had some time in between cleaning the house and playing with my 1 year old to edit this.  I hope my short video did some justice to the whole event. The first day I had to bring my baby as hubs was having exams and he needed time to study. It was a … More #LMFW Video